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Social 8 current and past members talk of their experience. Real people in their own words!

"As you know xxxx and I have now formed a relationship. I first met xxxx at the Degustation dinner at the Arkaba Hotel and then again on the wine tour. The wine tour was an excellent day. These outings are what other social 8 members have to make an effort to attend. i would and will recommend to any single perso to join Social 8. In the six months that I have been with Social 8, I truly have had some interesting dinners meeting many people. I thank you both again for the hard work you do in organising of dinners and social events."


Male 57, Adelaide, South Australia


"Social 8 organises dinner dates for 6 of its members, 3 Male & 3 Female and you meet at a restaurant from their vetted list. You soon realise that the other members are just like you, NORMAL. Every dinner I attended was a huge amount of fun, like you were catching up with old friends. On my last dinner date I asked Social 8 to exchanged my number with a very special lady that has changed my LIFE (The best decision that I have ever made). Social 8 are professional, friendly, helpful and you can TRUST JANE. So if you’re thinking of joining JUST DO IT!  SOCIAL 8 has changed my life and so many other fabulous people, you could be the next person!"


Male 42, Director.

"I dined with xxxx at the Rising Sun on the evening of the 14th May and then you so kindly put us in contact with each other. We have since formed a strong bond with which we believe will take us on a long and happy journey together. Thank you and everyone at Social8 for your care and devotion to helping people such as xxxx and myself find true love once again. Kind regards,"

Male 44, South Austrlalia


Hello Jane & Nikki, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for assisting me to get back into the socialising mode. I would like to suspend my membership until further notice as I have meet a lovely gentleman and I would like to see where life takes me. Once again thank you very much for helping me get my confidence back.



Female 37, South Australia

"I am no longer with Social 8 but I just wanted to let you know that through Social 8 (at my 3rd dinner in April) I met a very special person, xxxx. We are still seeing each other and we are very happy.It has been just over 2 years since we met and we are so compatible.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing this service. I was a little hesitant and shy in joining up with Social 8 but it was worth it.I wish you and the Social 8 team all the best."

Female 48, South Australia


"I had a fantastic night on Wednesday, THANK YOU both, the people in Social 8 are so positive, and fun I am really enjoying being a member!"


Female, 31, South Australia