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(Tired of online dating?)

Social8 is a Social Group for singles aged 40ish to 70+. We are Adelaide’s leading singles social club, with a focus on promoting meaningful, in-person interactions - not hiding behind a screen. Our singles are genuine, real, Adelaide people who want to meet in real life. Social8 has been operating in Adelaide for over 20 years, so there's a good chance someone you know is a current or past member! And, our basic membership is FREE.



Large Group Events

Social8 runs larger events (like social mixers) about once a month. These events are attended by Social8 hosts, who can help ease your nerves, introduce you to other guests, and answer any questions you have about what we do. We normally get 60-80 people at each mixer, and regularly get told how welcoming and easy to chat with everyone is. Check out our Events page and come join us!!


Smaller Events

Our smaller events (10ish guests) are normally for members only, and targeted at particular age ranges. This is to provide a more intimate environment, where you can get to know your fellow members. Check out what events are coming up, or see what we have offered in the past to get an idea of what to expect. 



Dinners are for 3 single men, and 3 single women, age matched, and we guarantee at least 2 people of the opposite gender who you haven't dined with yet. Held every weekend at inner city restaurants. In 2023, we held over 100 dinners; with 6 people at each dinner that's a lot of connections created! Read more...



For those members who are very particular in what they want, or are very time poor. This is a very personal service where we become your private recruitment agency! We go through our members in detail and find those who match your criteria. 



Relationship coaching is available on an individual basis from Social8's previous owner Jane. See here for details.

See our Membership Options


Hear about who should and shouldn't join Social8


Are You Worthy?

I don’t care what your story is…

You are worthy!

Read More >


Are You Datable?

How long is your list of requirements in

a potential partner?

Read More >

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 2.01.31 pm.png

Attraction, have you got it?

Attraction is a strange thing...

Why is this?

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Attraction have you got it.jpeg

First Impressions

First impressions count big time!

So, make sure yours is the best you can make it. 

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"As you know xxxx and I have now formed a relationship. I first met xxxx at the Degustation dinner at the Arkaba Hotel and then again on the wine tour. The wine tour was an excellent day. These outings are what other social 8 members have to make an effort to attend. i would and will recommend to any single person to join Social 8. In the six months that I have been with Social 8, I truly have had some interesting dinners meeting many people. I thank you both again for the hard work you do in organising of dinners and social events."


Male, 57 years old

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