If you want to meet women, then you need to go where women are. It's as simple as that. Why do women come to Social 8? 

  • Because they feel safe knowing they are meeting genuine, vetted people in a public area and in a group setting

  • They like knowing we have met every member face to face 

  • They feel comfortable knowing they won't be pressured for contact details. Phone number exchanges are facilitated through our team the day after events - giving women time to 'process' (something men don't always understand about women)

  • They enjoy meeting men face to face. No hiding behind a screen.


How does Social 8 help you?

  • We hand select the people you'll meet at dinners, based on the types of people you tell us you enjoy meeting. No being stuck at a dinner with 5 people you don't like! 

  • Relax over dinner for a few hours, and get the opportunity to share more about you than you would in a few emails or in a conversation at a bar or club. No more being judged in the first few minutes (or maybe seconds).

  • Our members are social. And 100% of the ladies you meet are single and wanting to meet YOU. Attending a function, even by yourself, has never been so easy. And if you ever feel stuck, our hosts are there to assist.

  • Social8 also gives you practice and confidence at simply being you, so when your perfect woman appears, you are ready to handle chatting and dating her with confidence instead of being socially awkward from lack of practice.

Does that sound good?

Social 8 current and past members talk of their experience. Real people in their own words!


Hear about some experiences from past and current Social 8 members