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First impression count big time! So, make sure yours is the best you can make it. And while everyone desires to be liked or even loved for who they authentically are, getting the initial date is where first impressions really do matter.That said, on a daily basis I see people ruling out someone to date based on shallow or even inaccurate judgement. She’s too curvey, I like slim toned women. He’s got a man bag, I mean really, I could never date someone with a man bag. She’s controlling and had to run everything. He has the most awful laugh, I could never get use to that. She’s too anal. I watched her pick every bit of tomato out of her salad. He’s got facial hair and must be hiding something and I don’t do facial hair. She’s too busy, she has three teenage children.

He’s into football and car racing, I don’t enjoy either of those things. And the big one…. He/she is ok and quite nice but there is nothing to connect us.

These are a sprinkling of comments made why a man or woman wouldn’t date someone a second time.

A recent study has been released for a leading Relationship Psychotherapist in America that states that 95% of first impressions are inaccurate! Research is indicating that it takes three times meeting someone to get a near accurate judgement on the type of person they are.

In the dating world, this is exciting news. With many single people finding very small reasons why they should not see someone again, this research clearly states that if you have had a nice time with someone on a date, and by nice, I mean just nice, not brilliant, not horrible, then this person is very worthy of your time to have a second and even a third date before you rule them out as a potential partner.

If you are an on-line dater, then chances are your first impressions at their profile are inaccurate. If you are a speed dater, then again your impressions will probably be wrong. And if you are a singles dinner dater, then once more, your impressions will be wrong. In each of these scenarios, I encourage you to give them a real chance. And even more importantly, give yourself a real chance at finding that special person.

Yours in love

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