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The Social8 Service

Social8 offers a membership based package for single people.


Social8 have created this Privacy Statement to confirm our commitment to maintaining your privacy at all times while you use our service. The following statement discloses the type of information that we collect about you and the way that it is used to assist us in organising Social8 events and dinners, while at the same time maintaining the security and confidentiality of your private information.

Information We Collect

Social8 collects personal information about you for the purpose of assisting in achieving the goal of this service, which is to bring single people together for the purpose of socialising in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment. The information is also used for our introductory services to establish suitable introductions. The information we collect about you includes :-

  • First and last name

  • Date of birth

  • Mailing Address

  • Email Address

  • Telephone/Mobile Number

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Occupation

  • Face photo

  • Lifestyle information

  • Feedback about you from other people

Why We Collect Personal Information

Social8 uses the information that we collect from you for two primary reasons:

Firstly, we collect information from you in order to help us to personalise events so you attend events and dinners with people who are potentially more compatible, helping you improve the chances of meeting new people whose company you may enjoy.

The information we collect for these purposes will not be shared with any other members of the service. Further details regarding our treatment of this information is provided below.

Secondly, we use some of the information we collect from you to enable other members to contact you - should you agree. We prefer to provide only your phone number, however can share just your email address if you prefer. We will not disclose your last name to any member of the Social8 service, we may however, in the event that it is necessary to avoid confusion between two members with the same first name, use the first letter of your last name to assist in identifying you.

Apart from the reasons above, we use other personal information about you to better understand our members and to help us improve and promote our services. The information is also used should you wish to participate in the introductory services.

Testimonials may be posted on our website and included in emails to members to promote the service. Social8 assumes, unless otherwise informed, that both parties mentioned, having been asked to agree to the posting of the testimonial, have agreed to the testimonial to be used in this way.

Complaints made against members are investigated as appropriate. The facts of a complaint may be recorded and details of the complaint retained in case of future complaints against the same member.

We Will Not Share Your Private Information

With the exception of contact information detailed above, or general lifestyle information for the introductory services, we will not share with any third party, , or make publicly available the private information you have provided to us.

We may however disclose sufficient contact information in special circumstances where we have sufficient reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who has violated our Membership Agreement, or may have caused injury to or interference with our rights, property, our members or anyone else who could have been harmed by certain activities. We may also disclose contact information to any legal authority when we believe, in good faith, when the law requires it or if we are legally required to do so. Thankfully in nearly 15 years of service, this situation has never arisen.

If a complaint is made about a member, we may advise that member that a complaint against him/her has been received. We will not disclose who made the complaint without the express permission of the person who made the complaint. If however, we suspect that the member would be able to identify who made the complaint, we will not advise that a complaint has been made unless we have your express permission.


Social8 won't sell or give your email or contact details to anyone (except to other members for introductions, with your permission). The email address you provide to us during the registration process is used for the following purposes :-

1. To provide you with contact details of members with whom you obtain a mutual match with following a Social8 Introduction or dinner.

2. To periodically notify you of any up coming Social8 events and to provide you with any relevant information about our services.

3. Our emails are sent from a system via an automated mechanism. These messages are never made available to the public. You are the only person who can view or read its contents. You will stop receiving emails from Social8 once your membership is terminated, cancelled or otherwise expires.


Members are able to login to our website to see which other members have RSVP'd for functions, and to enable discounts. The only information on the website about other members (and yourself) is a face photo, and first name. If you do not wish for your photo to be used, it can be removed. Social8 website guests (and the general public) cannot see profile photos or names.


Our website has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and tampering of the information under our control. However, we are not able to guarantee that all data transmission over the Internet will be completely secure. We will however, attempt to protect your personal information but cannot warrant the security of any information you provide to us over our web page. Once we receive your transmission or other personal information you provide to us, we attempt to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

Membership Agreement

To use our services, you must agree and be bound by our Member Agreement. Our Member Agreement sets out the entire understanding and agreement between you and Social8. We reserve the right to share your name and contact information with our solicitors in the event of serious misconduct.

Members agreement terms and conditions

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or if you would like to make a complaint or if you would like to know what other information we hold about you, please contact us in any of the following ways.

Phone : 0401 784 988 or

Email : 

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