Still not sure if we are right or you?

OK these are 100% genuine and in our inboxes however we can't share the names as discretion is a huge part of our service. And if you join us, we too will be discrete with your private information and correspondence. Also check out our members video's to hear in their own words their experience here

"Hi girls, Just wanted to let you know that xxxx and I are getting along famously and having a lovely time together. He is really wonderful.

I am so grateful to you for all of your assistance and so glad I went to the trivia night!"


Female 46


"Thankyou for the invitation girls to dinner. I am delighted to say i will not attend,or any future dinners - i have met a wonderful person thanks to social8 (xxxx) we are now seeing each other on a regular basis. i am looking forward to catching up with you both some time, possibly at a social8 function for past members. Warmest regards"


Male 47


"Jane, I loved your advice today! The things you say make so much sense and yet I never think about them. I actually started thinking about what I learned from myself in the last relationship and it's making me feel really good. Thank you!"


Female 24


"I am emailing you to say thank you for setting up the dinner for me to meet xxxx she has been a great addition to my life as a girl friend and I know it has only been 6 months but we have planned a trip away together and we have a really good connection.I thought you might like to know cause I think that social 8 is a wonderful idea. Anyway even though I am an artist and I am an out their guy and lots of people see my work I like to keep my private life private. You helped me achieve this. I just want to thank you personally and your staff and business partner for settting up the date 6 months ago. I just think you deserve a big thank you."


Male 33

"Hi ladies, I'm in my jimmie jams after meeting my first Social 8 dinner friends and I wanted to let you know how it went. I was 2 minutes late to my horror, after going to the wrong place and was the last one to arrive but everyone was fine with it fortunately.  As I'm sure most people say, I don't know what I was worried about!  I was lying awake at night in anticipation and I really had nothing to worry about.  But you knew that, didn't you! Everyone was lovely, and I particularly liked xxxx and xxxx, so if you could pass my number on to them both, that'd be great. Looking forward to the next one."


Female 29


"Nikki, I love and am passionate about socialising and helping other people see the fun to be had. Thank you for passing on my number  to xxxx. You provide a fantastic service to the community with Social 8.  You raise the happiness level for so many people even if some don't realise it at the time.  To learn to live in the moment is huge and not to worry about the outcome.  Enjoy people and notice them for who they are not what you think you want them to do or be.  It has taken me time to learn that and I am still learning and I am more mindful of that now.


I trust the right person will step up and show themselves, it will happen at the right time.  I want someone who values/sees more than the outside of me and who cherishes me and in reciprocation I want someone whom I can and I will admire and that has a caring, trusting and learning heart.


Have a fantastic week."


Female 44

"Hi girls, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and understanding over the last 18 months. I have really enjoyed attending the dinners and various social events and although I haven’t yet found that someone special I am sure she is just around the corner. I know that at times I can get frustrated with my perceived lack of dating success (and have on occasions used the two of you to express this frustration!) but at the end of the day it is probably just the universe telling me that either I am not ready for her or she isn’t the girl for me.


Speaking of which, if xxxx hasn’t responded by Monday morning to my request for her phone number then we should scrap it, if she needs to take a week to decide whether or not to swap phone numbers then she isn’t someone I should be interested in dating (that felt good to say by the way).


Thank you once again for always taking the time to listen, I have learnt a lot about myself and dating over the last 18 months and this would not have been the case if not for the two of you.


Words cannot express how grateful I am to the two of you and the opportunities you provide me with.


Best wishes always,"


Male 39


"Hi Ladies, I’ve been meaning to write this and email it since Monday. Thank you all for such a great night Friday. That is probably the best Trivia/Quiz Night I have been to. The room had such a good vibe and I know the people I interacted with on the night were in such good spirits. So thank you for all the hard work put in to organise it and thank you for making it such a good night. Look forward to the next one."


Female 42 

Ok I feel that is enough, and aren't they great emails?. We have hundreds (if not thousands) of these emails. Still need more convincing? Then one of two things is happening....

1) we are not for you so let it go. It's ok, we are not meant to be all things to all people. It's cool

2) you have a fear of socialising that is stopping you for achieving a rich happy social life. If this is you, then listen to my podcast here on what fear is stopping you....  I hope it helps :)