Putting your best foot forward.

You get one shot to make a great first impression and while we hope our members are not judging anyone harshly within the first moments of meeting, the reality is that first impressions count. Plus, if you feel fantastic, you likely will have a better social expereince. And so wtih this in mind, we have the following services available to support you on your journey to socialising successfull, confidently and happily


Coaching with Jane Donovan

See Jane's coaching page here 


Hairstyle Makeovers with Tracy Janda

Tracy from Wild HairM at College Park is fabulous to give you a new look to start your social journey. Tracy is also able to offer stylist services to help create the over all look. Please contact Tracy on 7225 7208


Make-up with Mandy McHale

Want a new look or need some tips on how to apply make up to look and feel your best? Then contact Mandy from Wild HairM Nails and Beauty on 7225 7208

Stylist & Makeover with Kat Poskus

We are excited to be introducing to you our own Social 8 team member, Kat Poskus. Feeling great about YOU is key to obtaining success in your social life. You spend the time working on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour so now we can help you match the inside on the outside. Social 8, helping you put your best foot forward!

Can you never make a decision when shopping and just want some impartial advice? Whether you are looking for a new outfit for that special date or occasion, or you need a new professional look for work or a job interview, need to de-clutter a tired wardrobe, or simply want someone to show you what styles suit your body shape, Precious Cargo Consulting can provide an affordable style package that can work within your shopping budget.


Initial Consultation (min 1 hour) $95 per hour

We talk about you, what makes you, how you like to be perceived. We discuss your personal goals, how you would describe your style, what type of partner you are trying to attract or what image you want to portray. Then comes your budget and everything else that is important to assist in making the right decisions so you can put your best foot forward.

Personal Shopping & Style Session (min 2 hours) $95 per hour

I will assist in enhancing your individual style so you

Feel fabulous and confident from both inside and out,

every time you dress. I’ll work within your budget to

get you the clothes you’re after, and make sure you leave feeling confident in your purchases because

you know they look great so you feel confident every time you step outside your front door.

Wardrobe Cleanse (min 2 hours) $95 per hour

When you look in your wardrobe do you always hear yourself saying ‘I have nothing to wear’, is that because your wardrobe is a mix of old and new and everything in between with no system in place? This session we will edit unsuitable items, re-arrange your wardrobe in a clear and logical manner, identify key items needed to update your existing wardrobe. Approaching your wardrobe will never be stressful and you will always find something to make you look great for that special occasion.

Kat can assist with the above services and more… please contact her on our office number 8362 6800 or via email social8@social8.com.au