All our members range in age from 40 to 70's. We have four main services we provide: A Dinner Service, planning hand selected dinners for 6 members, with 3 ladies and 3 men; an Introductory Service providing members with one on one introductions; an Event's Service providing group events for members to meet; and a Free Service for people to be on our database to attend our non-member events and potentially be matched with an Introductory member. We know we can help you to have the social life, dating life and opportunities you are desiring! Be it to be social for fun, friendship, dating or love, we have helped thousands of Adelaide single people to enjoy a fulfilling social life. We are Adelaide's leading social club and are also Adelaide's ONLY SOCIAL CLUB WITH A FILTER SYSTEM! Only those who are committed to having fun, connecting with others and enjoy stimulating social occasions join us.


We provide a membership based social club for you to meet new people, expand your social circle, make new friends, date and hopefully find that special person to enjoy a successful relationship with. Our members are generally people who are active in life and of course 100% are single people (100% guaranteed). Social 8 is ideal also for people new to Adelaide, busy and time poor people or for people who are newly single.

Our program has been enjoying terrific success now for ten years. The secret to our success is easy. We are committed to three areas. A strong filter system on who our members are; providing a comfortable environment enabling you to relax and be yourself; and lastly provide as many opportunities, in the methods that suit you best for you to meet as many people as possible, be it introduction dates, dinners for 6, small events or large events.


For you to enjoy success in your social life, to date or to find love, we believe you need to be empowered to be yourself. We are all special and unique and possess many qualities that are not instantly apparent. We simply need the opportunity to be able to present how wonderful we are. This is difficult to achieve in the pubs and clubs or on the internet where 5 seconds is spent swiping left or right or clicking next. Social 8 helps you to do this at our member only introductions, dinners and events. We encourage you to keep an open mind as to who potentially your life partner could be, who a great new friend could be or who a brilliant business networker could be, together with encouraging you to network and expand your social circle through our members, providing you with more opportunities to meet new people. The more people you meet, the greater your chance of success.

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