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Sapphire - Strictly for the well-presented corporate or professional person, this is the latest of our introductory services to commence. We know our corporate and professional clients are time poor. We also know they have high standards or can be fussy, and have a right to be. If this is you and you are desiring to meet someone special for a relationship, then our Sapphire Introductory service is designed for you. To launch this service, we are offering a limited number of suitable people a 13 introduction membership for $1495.


Having been matching single people for now 13 years, Jane knows that typically like attracts like. Someone attractive will desire to date someone attractive. Someone fit and active or intelligent or successful or driven or funny or … fill in the blank will want to date someone who ticks similar boxes. When an individual ticks a lot of boxes it can be hard to find someone who is their equal and particularly when time poor. Add to that if you desire discretion and not have your photo and details plastered all over the internet, then this service is for you. We hand select people for you to meet who match your selection criteria from our database of silver, gold and platinum members.


So why have we called this service sapphire? Because a sapphire is believed to represent wisdom, virtue, good fortune, faithfulness, sincerity and is considered holiness for Royals. We know this is you and want this for you. The Sapphire Introductory service also includes having access to Love Doctor, Jane Donovan’s dating wisdom. Jane has yet to meet anyone who hasn’t at some point needed some dating or relationship tips to help them get across the line with that special someone. So once we introduce you to someone and you find yourself unsure of something, Jane will be on the phone to help guide you through. Her success rate is high with many people in happy relationships as a result not just of the introduction, but more as a result of timely wise advice that has prevented self-sabotaging from occurring.

READY TO JOIN US? Great! Complete the joining form BELOW and we will email you our available appointment times to meet with you to get the process started. It is 100% necessary for us to meet with you to be able to offer the personal service we pride ourselves on. Please also understand, we will only be able to offer you this Sapphire Membership Package if we truly believe we can help you achieve your self-growth desires combined with meeting someone special. Please also understand, we are not able to help everyone and do have to decline some people's membership. This is not personal, simply our honesty in only wishing to accept money for a service we believe we can deliver.


Membership join up's are conducted around Adelaide at a cafe or pub close to you. Please allow 45 minutes for joining up this Sapphire level of membership.


Please take a moment to also read our Introductory Frequently Asked Questions 


We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve a rocking dating life which hopefully results in love!



Jane speaks about the benefits of our Sapphire level of membership