Platinum - The latest in our services offered that commenced due to members demand in April 2015. Join our Social 8 Introduction Service where we become your private recruitment agency. We find who you're looking for. Receive hand selected introductions based on your criteria and have details of your potential match emailed to you for your consideration. Cost $995


Should you both agree to be introduced based on the information we share with you about each other, you will receive each other's mobile phone numbers. It is then expected the man will make the initial phone contact within 48 hours to arrange to meet in person. We encourage the first introduction to be something casual such as meeting for a coffee or drink.


Membership is for 6 months and during this time on average you will receive introductions every fortnight after providing feedback from your last introduction. This will vary of course depending on your criteria.


READY TO JOIN US? Great! Complete the joining form BELOW and we will email you our available appointment times to meet with you to get the process started. It is 100% necessary for us to meet with you to be able to offer the personal service we pride ourselves on. Please also understand, we will only be able to offer you this Platinum Introductory Membership if we truly believe we can help you meet someone special. Please also understand, we are not able to help everyone and do have to decline some people's membership. This is not personal, simply our honesty in only wishing to accept money for a service we believe we can deliver.


Membership join up's are conducted at our office at Parkside usually Monday to Fridays 9.30am to 2pm and one night per week, usually a Wednesday or Thursday night 5pm to 11pm. Please take a moment to also read our Introductory Frequently Asked Questions here as well as our Dinner and Events frequently asked questions here


We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve a rocking dating life hopefully resulting in love!






Our program has been enjoying terrific success now for nearly ten years. The secret to our success is easy. We are committed to three areas. A strong filter system on who our members are, we promise to only 'take your money', if we believe you are likely to enjoy social fun with our members and achieve that which you desire; providing a comfortable environment enabling you to relax and be yourself; and lastly provide as many opportunities for you to meet as many people as possible.


For you to enjoy success in your social life, we believe you need to be empowered to be yourself. We are all special and unique and possess many qualities that are not instantly apparent. We simply need the opportunity to be able to present how wonderful we are. This is difficult to achieve in the pubs and clubs or on the internet. Social 8 helps you to do this at our member only dinners and events plus through our hand selected introductions. We encourage you to keep an open mind as to who potentially your life partner could be, together with encouraging you to network and expand your social circle through our members, providing you with more opportunities to meet new people. The more people you meet, the greater your chance of success.


Let us help you today!

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