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Standard Stuff

  • Most events are for members and their guests only. But Bronze membership is FREE! So why not apply...?

  • Paid Member Discounts (for Gold/Silver/Platinum members) will be applied automatically - normally $5-10 per ticket. If the discount doesn't apply, please make sure you login. If it still doesn't work, contact us. 

  • If this is your first event - GREAT! We love seeing new people. Social8 members are very welcoming - our singles are genuine, real, Adelaide people who want to meet in real life - you'll be one of the group in no time!

  • Social8 promotes itself as a social group first, and a dating group second. The aim of our events is to be social, have FUN, and build connections. Research shows over 60% of successful relationships start as friends first.

Every weekend


North Adelaide, Kensington, Norwood...


All ages 30-75


Time & Location

Every weekend

North Adelaide, Kensington, Norwood...

About the Event

Held every weekend, our dinners-for-6 are for 3 single men, and 3 single women, age matched, with at least 2 people of the opposite gender who you haven't dined with yet. These dinners are perfect for people who want to connect for more than just 5 minutes, who want to be given a chance to show who they really are and who want to get to know others in a relaxed environment. Being part of a group reduces the pressure on YOU to provide all the conversation, and you get to meet a number of other singles in your age range. 

Safe, fun, easy and non threatening. 

We also manage number swapping for you after the dinner - no awkward moments of being asked for your number or waiting hoping someone will ask you. 

Part of the Social8 Gold Membership. Contact us for more details, or a trial dinner.

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