Bronze - The Membership of opportunities!

Bronze - This level of membership is an introduction to almost all levels of Social 8 memberships! You will be provided with a free double pass to one of our larger social mixer style events including our Thank God It's Friday nights so you can bring a friend along to make you feel more comfortable and get a feel for our events! 


You will also be invited to attend one of our hand selected, age group appropriate dinners at lovely local Adelaide restaurants. You will enjoy socialising, participating in stimulating conversation while enjoying great food and company - Intelligent, proactive, engaging people in an elegant environment with no expectation from you except to enjoy a nice night out. What can be easier?

Our exciting dinners have been operating for over 10 years on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm. Please note that the majority of dinners are offered on Saturday nights and so it is important if considering this service that you can be available on a Saturday night. Dinners are usually for six people however often can be for 4, 5, 6, 7 or even 8 people. If we believe it's likely to be a good mix, we set the dinner up regardless of numbers. There is a dinner co-ordination fee of $33 plus food and beverages. This is perfect for people who want to connect more than just for 5 minutes, who want to be given a chance to show who they really are and who want to get to know others over a fabulous dinner. Safe, fun, easy and non threatening. Oh and the best bit? We do any potential number swapping after the dinner. No awkward moments of being asked for your number or waiting hoping someone will ask you. No awkward silences with a group attending. It's a win win.

You will also be considered to be matched with one of our Platinum, Sapphire or Diamond clients. Our Introduction Service is where we become a private recruitment agency. If we identify that you may be exactly what one of our Platinum, Sapphire or Diamond clients are looking, you will receive a hand selected introduction and have details of your potential match emailed to you for your consideration to meet them one on one.


Should you both agree to be introduced based on the information we share with you about each other, you will receive each other's mobile phone numbers. It is then expected the man will make the initial phone contact within 48 hours to arrange to meet in person. We encourage the first introduction to be something casual such as meeting for a coffee or drink.


Cost of our Bronze Membership is $50. Unlike any of our other memberships, our Bronze membership is not time restrictive as we want you attending your free event with your double pass on a date that suits you and we want you dining with an appropriate group at your dinner. If within a 2 week period after your dinner you decide you want more, we will deduct your $50 Bronze membership fee off our Gold dinner and events membership package when you upgrade!


Social 8 provides for you the following:


  • a strong filter system on who our members are. Feel relaxed and confident knowing you are dining with people we have met in person or interviewed via Skype.

  • We interview every potential new member to ensure our program is suited to them and offer membership only to those who we believe are suitable to our program

  • carefully selected restaurants and venues ensuring the environment is suited to forming new friendships. Our restaurants provide small tables for six for ease of conversation, discrete service and individual bills for only what you have ordered for food and beverages. the majority of our restaurants are centrally located. To view our restaurants, click here.

  • Each dinner is attended by three ladies and three men within your age group all hand picked for you to meet! Name place cards with only your first name are provided at the setting and a policy of not asking for phone numbers or dates places our members in a comfortable position to simply enjoy the evening.

  • dinner follow-up and co-ordination of requested exchanging of contact details for friendship or dating. We manage your privacy so nothing happens without you wishing it to.

  • regular opportunities to dine out plus attend our numerous events. All with single and fabulous people....just like you!


READY TO JOIN US? Great! Complete the joining form BELOW and we will email you some times to meet with you to get the process started. Bronze Membership join up's are conducted at our office at Parkside one night per week, usually a Wednesday night with appointments available between 5pm to 11pm and some selected Saturday's between 10am to 12:30pm. Please take a moment to also read our frequently asked questions.


We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve a rocking social life!

Our program has been enjoying terrific success now for over ten years. The secret to our success is easy. We are committed to three areas. A strong filter system on who our members are, we promise to only 'take your money', if we believe you are likely to enjoy social fun with our members and achieve that which you desire; providing a comfortable environment enabling you to relax and be yourself; and lastly provide as many opportunities for you to meet as many people as possible.


For you to enjoy success in your social life, we believe you need to be empowered to be yourself. We are all special and unique and possess many qualities that are not instantly apparent. We simply need the opportunity to be able to present how wonderful we are. This is difficult to achieve in the pubs and clubs or on the internet. Social 8 helps you to do this at our member only dinners and events plus through our hand selected introductions. We encourage you to keep an open mind as to who potentially your life partner could be, together with encouraging you to network and expand your social circle through our members, providing you with more opportunities to meet new people. The more people you meet, the greater your chance of success.


Let us help you today!




                                                               and the team at Social 8