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First impression count! Big time so make sure yours is the best you can make it. And while everyone desires to be liked or even loved for who they authentically are, getting the initial date is where first impressions really do matter.

That said, on a daily basis I see...


I love this short video. Each week at Social 8 dinners and events, I see this situation play out. Each of us so often wonders what the other is thinking or feeling and many times we make inaccurate judgements or assumptions that have us self sabotaging the possibility...


I don’t care what your story is…


You are worthy! I hear so many stories of why someone is not in a loving relationship when they desire to be in one. I hear about the person who is too old, the one who is not sophisticated enough, the one who is not emotionally connec...

Are men intimidated by your career?


You have it all going on! The successful career, the gym toned body, the money to dress to impress and the experience to turn on the confidence. And yet you are single and don’t know why. Your nights are spent with well meaning frien...

Attraction is a strange thing. Some people seem able to attract many interesting people into their life while others struggle to meet anyone suitable. So why is this? Attraction is a mind set that can be harnessed by anyone. It is taking a positive position when going...


How long is your list of requirements in a potential partner? I recently was presented with a list from a potential client that was 3 typed pages long of what she desired in a potential partner. She had put some serious work into visualizing every possible scenario of...

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